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PH: (715) 797-4300

Metal Art Designs - CNC Metal Machining

Videos on Our Processes

This page is meant to show you our processes and to help you envision how our designs are only limited by the imagination ... Any of our designs can be personalized or customized specifically to your needs!


Our expertise is shown clearly in the design of your choice! Let us know what design(s) you want and we will create it for you! The video, above, shows an intricate design being cut out of wood to create a beautiful Christmas ornament that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Laser Cutting & Engraving

The video, directly above, shows a stainless steel memory box that Dennis' family made for his brother who passed away. We Cer-Marked the box and then laser engraved the image onto it. After it was laser engraved, we washed off the khaki colored coating to complete the memory box.

Plasma Cutting

In this video, directly above, you can see the process in which our CNC Plasma Cutter is cutting out a design on a sign.

In this video, directly above, you'll see a driveway topper that we custom cut and finished. We cut the metal out by using the plasma table. Then, we welded those pieces together to make a 24' X 115" tall driveway topper. Here, we are loading the driveway topper on to the customer's flat bed.


Powdercoating videos will be coming soon!

Finished Metal Art Signs & Designs

In the video, directly above, we've added a neon lighting element to our cut and finished metal design to make our own custom DJ's Metal Art neon sign.

In the video, directly above, we took 1/4" acrylic and laser engraved the image onto it and then put in a LED channel strip. You can see the colors change as it switches between the different colors.

Both of these videos show how we've added a neon lighting element to the finished metal designs to make unique customized signs.

Get Inspired! ... If you're looking for that special gift for that special someone, look no further!

We'll bring your ideas to life with our custom plasma metal art cutting and/or custom laser engraving services - Just about anything you can imagine, we can make it happen!

Metal Art made from CNC Machine